Are you trying to connect a live-streaming App to your YouTube Channel and Google Security blocks you? This is the best way to unlock Google accounts.

failed sign in attempt - google account locked

Or perhaps you are trying to use software to upload videos, from a Remote Desktop different IP Address and you always get an error?

If some variation of this problem happens, then this post is for you…

 This technique will help avoid problems such as: 

  • Connecting YouTube accounts to a Live Stream Software and getting an error.
  • Login to YouTube accounts from a different IP Address and getting security challenges.
  • Connecting/Uploading software to your YouTube/Google account from different IP address and software doesn’t work.
  • Connecting WordPress plugins to your Google account and getting an error.
  • Or any kind of action which includes connecting a Google service from a third party source/location, which might trigger Google security actions.

To avoid the problems mentioned above we use 2 URLs to accomplish this.

 First log in to your Google account…  

Enable Less Secure Apps

less secure apps - unlock google account

When enabling this option, you will avoid whatever software you are using to be flagged as potentially dangerous. Any connection you do with any Windows/Mac/Browser Application.

 You can access the less secure apps URL below: 

Enable Display Unlock Captcha

Display unlock captcha

This feature will allow the Software you are Using to access your Google/YouTube Account.

 Very simple just click the url below and click “Continue” when prompted with the message. 


With both actions performed you should now connect any windows/browser app to your Google/YouTube account smoothly.

If you need to connect several Google accounts, make sure you login and do this procedure to all of them.

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